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The Emperor Penguin-A symbol of attentive Fatherhood.

Posted on January 25, 2012 at 4:05 PM

After receiving many requests from Fathers for a message that applies to Dads. I have begun my research, and hope to have a sticker for Dads coming out soon. Initial research has revealed the following:

In biology, Bateman's principle states that "females almost always invest more energy into producing offspring than males invest, and therefore in most species females are a limiting resource over which the other sex will compete."  Here lies the reason, we cannot exactly say that Fatherhood is the Shortest and Steepest Path to Enlightenment. Biologically females invest more engery into producing and raising offspring, and therefore face a different challenge in body, mind and soul when it comes to their children.

The Emperor Penguin is one species in the animal kingdom where males play a large role in caring for young: "The female lays a single egg, which is incubated by the male while the female returns to the sea to feed; parents subsequently take turns foraging at sea and caring for their chick in the colony." (Wikipedia)  The male seahorse is another example.  "The male seahorse is equipped with a brood pouch on the ventral, or front-facing, side. When mating, the female seahorse deposits up to 1,500 eggs in the male's pouch. The male carries the eggs for anywhere from 9 to 45 days until they emerge, expelling fully developed, miniature seahorses in the water."(Wikipedia)

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